Galaxy science

One of the key goals of this project is the detailed description of the mass properties of galaxies living in the central parts of galaxy clusters.

Through comparisons between the lensing properties of field galaxies and cluster members, we propose to investigate how much the outer envelope of the Dark Matter subhalo surrounding a galaxy is tidally stripped when this galaxy enters the potential well of the galaxy cluster.

The stellar mass-to-light ratios of the luminous stars in those galaxies can also be constrained with a combination of strong lensing, dynamical and photometric constraints.

A substantial fraction of this work has been carried out on field galaxies, either at low redshift (z~0.1-0.4) with the SLACS survey or at greater redshift (z~0.3-0.8) with the galaxy-scale part of the SL2S survey.

Lensing clusters through model fitting