Data reduction and analysis

The reduction and  calibration of the raw SuprimeCam science data obtained from the SMOKA archive is performed by applying our data reduction pipeline, which is heavily based on the publicly available THELI pipeline (Schirmer 2013, Erben et al. 2005) and on the AstrOmatic software suite. Our reduction pipeline is being developed to require little manual intervention, thus enabling the reduction of a very large dataset in a reasonable timeframe.

Conversely, the MegaCam data that can be downloaded from the CADC archive are already pre-calibrated through the ELIXIR pipeline.

For more information, have a look at this workflow representing the data reduction procedure.


Throughout the data reduction and analysis process, the modeling of the point spread function (PSF) is performed with the PSFEx software (Bertin 2011). PSFEx operates in three automated steps:

  • Identify point sources from SExtractor catalogs
  • Compute the PSF model
  • Measure PSF parameters relevant to quality control and image diagnostics

The object detection and modeling is performed with the SExtractor software (Bertin & Arnouts 1996; Bertin 2011).

Lensing clusters through model fitting